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Open-source Suites for Underwater Networking: WOSS and DESERT Underwater

Authors: Paolo Casari, Cristiano Tapparello, Federico Guerra, Federico Favaro, Ivano Calabrese, Giovanni Toso, Saiful Azad, Riccardo Masiero, Michele Zorzi

Published On: IEEE Network

Publication Year: 2014


Performance Evaluation of Forwarding Protocols for the RACUN Network

Authors: Cristiano Tapparello, Paolo Casari, Giovanni Toso, Ivano Calabrese, Roald Otnes, Paul van Walree, Michael Goetz, Ivor Nissen, Michele Zorzi

Published On: Proc. ACM WUWNet 2013

Publication Year: 2013


On optimal cooperator selection policies for multi-hop ad hoc networks

Authors: Cristiano Tapparello, Michele Rossi, Stefano Tomasin

Published On: IEEE Trans. Wireless Commun., vol. 10, no. 2, pp. 506–518, Feb. 2011.

Publication Year: 2011