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Francesco Renna received his Laurea Specialistica Degree in Telecommunication Engineering and PhD degree in Information Engineering, both from University of Padova, in 2006 and 2011, respectively. In 2007 he was an intern at Infineon Technology AG, in Villach, Austria. Since 2011 he is in the Department of Information Engineering of University of Padova as a postdoc research fellow. In 2009 he spent a semester as visiting student research collaborator at the Department of Electrical Engineering of Princeton University. During 2010, he was also visiting scholar at the School of Electrical Engineering of Georgia Tech Loarraine, Metz, France and later at Supelec, Gif-surYvette, France.


His main research interests are focused on physical layer security methods for multicarrier and multiantenna systems, optimization of Quantum Key
Distribution protocols,and efficient receiver design for OFDM-based transmissions.


Semi-Blind Key-Agreement over MIMO Fading Channels

Authors: Francesco Renna, Matthieu R. Bloch, Nicola Laurenti

Published On: IEEE Transactions on Communications

Publication Year: 2013


Physical-Layer Secrecy for OFDM Transmissions Over Fading Channels

Authors: Francesco Renna, Nicola Laurenti, H. Vincent Poor

Published On: IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security

Publication Year: 2012