Design and Evaluation of a Low-Cost Acoustic Chamber for Underwater Networking Experiments

Testing acoustic equipment before sea experiments is a nec-
essary step, which usually requires large and expensive facil-
ities. In this paper, we present the design guidelines, struc-
ture and details of a small-scale, low-cost acoustic cham-
ber for in-lab testing of underwater acoustic networks. The
chamber has been assembled with the objective to be of low
cost and limited size: therefore, its installation fits small uni-
versity laboratories that cannot afford large testing pools.
The chamber was designed to mitigate the extreme multi-
path which, in a small chamber, makes communications un-
reliable. Considering this challenge, our chamber includes a
phono-absorbing coating on the walls and floor, to be option-
ally complemented by a panel of the same coating material,
to be installed at the water surface level.
After providing the details of several phono-absorbing ma-
terials to motivate our specific choice, we carry out a number
of transmission experiment with EvoLogics modems, prov-
ing that our design substantially reduces the severe multi-
path and thereby improves the communications quality.


Francesca Meneghello, Filippo Campagnaro, Roee Diamant, Paolo Casari , Michele Zorzi

Published On:

WUWNet 2016

Publication Year:


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