The DESERT Underwater Framework v2: Improved Capabilities and Extension Tools

The DESERT Underwater emulation system
(, originally de-
signed for testing underwater acoustic networks, has been re-
cently extended. The new framework now includes multi-modal
communication functionalities encompassing low rate and high
rate acoustics as well as optics, the capability of testing wireless
telemetry for underwater equipment, a connection to the most
recent version of the World Ocean Simulation System (WOSS),
a modification to the RECORDS system for sea trial remote
control, and an interface between external tools, e.g., Matlab, and
the EvoLogics modem. In addition, experimental activities are
now supported by an accurate real-time event scheduler which
has been shown to support, among others, long experiments
involving time-division multiple-access (TDMA)-based MAC pro-
tocols. These additional protocol schemes from the MAC to the
application layer (most of which have been tested in controlled
environments and sea trials) now make DESERT Underwater
a comprehensive tool for underwater network simulation and
experimentation. In this paper, we present the new functionalities
developed over the last two years.


Filippo Campagnaro, Roberto Francescon, Federico Guerra, Federico Favaro, Paolo Casari, Roee Diamant, Michele Zorzi

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