Simulation of a Multimodal Wireless Remote Control System for Underwater Vehicles

While the design of reliable and enduring remotely oper-
ated vehicles for underwater operations is currently a hot
research area, there are not many options to control these
systems in real time using wireless telemetry. In particular,
a reliable, fully wireless control method that exploits state-
of-the-art underwater wireless communication technologies
is still lacking. In this paper, we consider the design and en-
gineering of one such multimodal control system comprising
optical and acoustic underwater communications, and char-
acterize its performance under different configurations of the
communication protocol stack. Compared to previous work,
we introduce a proactive mechanism to switch among the
components of the multimodal system by means of a sig-
naling mechanism that requires negligible overhead. Our
results suggest that a multimodal wireless control system
can provide satisfactory control performance by supplying
different levels of interaction with the vehicle, depending on
the technology in use, and by reliably and timely switching
between the available communication technologies.


Filippo Campagnaro, Federico Guerra, Federico Favaro, Violeta Sanjuan Calzado, Pedro Forero, Michele Zorzi, Paolo Casari

Published On:

WUWNet 2015

Publication Year: