Simulation of Multimodal Optical and Acoustic Communications in Underwater Networks

In this paper, we consider data muling over a
network of fixed sensors by employing a mobile Autonomous
Underwater Vehicle (AUV). We approach the problem using both
acoustic and optical communications together in a multi-modal
hybrid network: the most appropriate physical layer is chosen
according to the quality of the transmissions that take place
over time. We consider three distinct cases of water type: clear,
coastal and turbid water, in order to test the system behavior
under different conditions. The ambient light noise is realistically
reproduced via the Hydrolight software and taken into account,
due to its important contribution to the optical SNR in shallow
waters. Finally, we simulate the performance of the system using
the DESERT Underwater framework during missions of interest
in different channel conditions and network depth. Our results
show the effectiveness of a multi-modal underwater network in
the cases of clear and coastal waters.

Published On:

Oceans 2015 Genova

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