Rollout Algorithms for Data Storage- and Energy-Aware Data Retrieval Using Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

Increasingly effective underwater networks will be required
to meet the growing demand for undersea data. The impending
exploitation of non-acoustic underwater communication
modes and the proliferation of autonomous underwater
vehicles (AUVs) will enable the development of underwater
networks able to use multiple modes of wireless communications
and AUVs to transport data. In this paradigm,
planning the routes for AUVs to collect data from underwater
sensors becomes critical due to the dynamic nature of the
undersea environment and the data collection process. This
work proposes a dynamic path planning framework that enables
judicious decisions on which network nodes the AUVs
should visit next, based on the most recent network-status
information. Routing decisions are aware of the AUVs own
data-storage and energy constraints. Motivated by the intractability
of optimal AUV routing, we propose a rollout algorithm
as an enabler for dynamic AUV routing. Numerical
tests illustrate the performance of the proposed algorithm.


Pedro A. Forero, Stephan K. Lapic, Cherry Wakayama, Michele Zorzi

Published On:

WUWNET ’14 Proceedings of the International Conference on Underwater Networks & Systems

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