Semi-Blind Key-Agreement over MIMO Fading Channels

In this paper, we study the fundamental limits of secret-key agreement over MIMO quasi-static fading channels. We provide closed-form expressions for the secret-key capacity in both the asymptotic high-power and low-power regimes. The optimal signaling strategy for the low-power regime is shown to be independent of the eavesdropper’s channel and secret-key capacity is achieved by transmitting random Gaussian symbols along the direction corresponding to the maximal eigenvalue of the legitimate channel matrix. Hence, by beamforming and waterfilling over the main channel alone, one obtains a semi-blind key-agreement strategy in which the knowledge of the eavesdropper’s channel is only required for privacy amplification. We also derive the probability that a target secret-key rate is not achieved by the optimal low-power signaling when assuming only statistical CSI about the eavesdropper’s channel.


Francesco Renna, Matthieu R. Bloch, Nicola Laurenti

Published On:

IEEE Transactions on Communications

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