Modeling the Underwater Acoustic Channel in ns2

Underwater acoustic networks have the potential to support a large variety of applications, such as mining equipment and environmental monitoring. Although underwater acoustics has been studied for decades, underwater networking and protocol design is just beginning as a research field. One critical tool used for the design and testing of new protocols is a network simulator. For simulators to be useful tools, accurate models of both the channel and the modem need to be implemented. In this paper we present the design and implementation of our interface and channel model for underwater acoustic networks in the ns2 network simulator. We show that the models accurately predict the channel conditions and interface costs by comparing them to previously published numerical predictions of channel state. Finally, we present a case study of a protocol designed and simulated using our model. Our simulation code is open source and available for general use.


Albert F. Harris III, Michele Zorzi

Published On:

Proc. of NSTools 2007

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