A multicarrier architecture based upon the affine Fourier transform

Recently, innovative multicarrier schemes have been proposed that exploit the transmission of chirp-shaped waves exp(-j2pi c t^2) by optimally choosing the chirp parameter c on the basis of the channel characteristics and are more robust to time-varying channels than ordinary OFDM schemes. This concept was applied to continuous-time and to discrete-time systems. In the present paper, we aim at developing those ideas using the affine Fourier transform (AFT), which is a very general formulation of chirp transforms. We present a multicarrier modulation based upon the discrete form of the AFT that is therefore inherently discrete and strictly invertible. Moreover, it allows to define a circular prefix concept that is coherent with the chirp nature of the transmission. The system can be efficiently implemented by adding a simple phase-correction block to standard OFDM modulators/demodulators and can effectively combat interchannel interference when the propagation channel is made of few multipath components affected by independent frequency offsets. Our discrete-time multicarrier scheme is an improved version of Martone’s approach (as we also show by simulation results), and exhibits analogous characteristics to Barbarossa’s continuous-time system.


Tomaso Erseghe, Nicola Laurenti, Valentina Cellini

Published On:

IEEE Transactions on Communications Vol. 53, Pages 853-862

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